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Open Arts is a literary collective committed to promoting the arts and creative endeavours based in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. Open Arts as a creative organisation touches the expression of passion in the literary world as part of its mission and vision of making a positive difference in the lives of people in the community through the creative arts.


A question asked often is WHY? But yet, WHY NOT? Literature plays a key part in contemporary culture and our cultures define us, as such literary fields being an extension of culture needs to be sustained. Our arts tell us who we are, and without the arts and creativity, we cease to exist.


Putting smiles on the faces of people through creative endeavours and giving a reason to live once more in the world of the arts is more than enough reason to support Open Arts. We believe in the fundamental right to think our thoughts, say our thoughts and claim our creative souls. We need to exists. 


The question is, DO YOU?





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Abakwa G.R.A.