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Open Arts Festival

A festival designed as a series of engaging and stimualting events that will bring together readers, writers, educators and other creative minds to interact brainstorm on innovations and exchange ideas. The Open Arts Festival covers the whole of Northern Nigeria with a borderless creative buzz.

Stage Play Tour

From the Almajiranci child begging menace, girl child education, gender inequality, and inadequate social justice, our stage play tour goes deep into communities and enlighten them on these isses through drama.

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Movie/Documentary Hangout

Ousmane Sembene has been hailed as one of the most prolific African writers and "the father of African film. At Open Arts we have shown Sembene! to Kaduna by hosting a screening of this documeantry about the Mandela of Storytelling and supporting the arts and cultural scene in Northern Nigeria

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Poetry Road Trip

Book Readings

Panel Discussions